Millipede Exterminating Services

Millipede Exterminating

Whether you’re in need of millipede exterminating services for your home or business, it’s important to get the job done correctly the first time. Millipedes can infest homes in Maryland, Delaware, and Pennsylvania. If you want to maintain your home’s pest-free status, contact Viking Pest. We offer exterior and interior pest control solutions to eliminate millipede infestations.

Before contacting a millipede exterminator, you should consider the appropriate type of pesticide for the situation. A general spray is not sufficient as it may bind to mulch. Instead, you should rake off any heavy accumulations of mulch and leaf litter around your home. If you choose to use aerosol, you should focus on good coverage near the ground and around entry points. Pro-Spray Flying and Crawling aerosols are excellent options for perimeter treatments. Pro-Spray Crawling is a good option for occasional spot treatments in and around entrance points. For longer-term residual control, you should consider using a pesticide with a broad spectrum of action.

To get rid of millipedes, you should seal off any possible entry points into your home. Make sure to seal off cracks around your doors and windows. Also, repair any cracks or holes in the wood. If your home has poor drainage, you should install tile and drains to keep water away from the foundation wall. If you have a basement, you can make the ground sloped so water does not pool in there.

It’s important to remember that millipedes are not dangerous to humans but can be a nuisance to homeowners. Millipedes do not sting or bite, but their odorous fluids can irritate the skin and stain surfaces. Excessive rainfall and drought can also push these pests indoors, where they will die without any moisture. If you have a house with millipedes, you should contact a pest control company for an effective extermination service.

During the fall and winter seasons, millipedes will migrate inside homes. They usually enter homes through windows or garage doors and feed on decayed plant material. They may even start eating the plants in your garden, so make sure you hire a professional pest control company as soon as possible. They produce unpleasant smells and a nasty liquid that will irritate the skin and cause irritation. If left unchecked, these pests can cause an infestation and should be treated as quickly as possible.

Prevention is the best millipede extermination solution. You should seal any openings or cracks around your home and trim any branches near the house. Ideally, you should leave these areas dry between watering plants. Also, you should keep cardboard boxes and organic materials away from the foundation and concrete slabs. These pest control measures are not always sufficient if the infestation is too advanced. You should contact a professional pest control company to conduct an inspection and determine the best treatment for your needs.

The Sentricon System is an effective method to get rid of millipede infestations. This unique method has been proven to eliminate entire termite colonies worldwide. Typical millipedes range from 5/8 to four inches long, depending on the species. They are long, cylindrical creatures with two pairs of legs on each apparent body segment. When threatened, they curl up and release a substance that can irritate the skin.

Centipedes and millipedes can also invade the interior of a home or business. Centipedes are naturally found in outdoor environments and feed on decaying plant matter, insects, and small creatures. They also do not spread disease and do not breed indoors. However, if you find that they have invaded your home or business, you should contact a professional pest control company for millipede extermination.

While millipedes are not a health risk for humans, their presence in a home can be unappealing. They can be everywhere from lawns to porches, and even in homes with exposed crawl spaces. Fortunately, they do not cause structural damage or transmit disease. However, some species emit a foul-smelling liquid when irritated. To prevent these irritants from reaching people, use gloves.