Why Hire a Silver Fish Exterminator?

Silver Fish Exterminator

If you notice an infestation of silverfish in your home, you’ll probably want to hire a professional Silver Fish Exterminator. This service usually costs about $200 to $400 per visit and will eliminate the problem once and for all. There are two types of extermination methods: the first involves spraying an insecticide, which kills silverfish by obstructing their digestive systems. The second method involves a mix of boric acid and flour, which is applied to an index card or wallet-sized piece of cardboard. The mixture should dry to a sticky consistency before applying it to the area. Once applied, the paste should be checked frequently to ensure that the silverfish have not moved on. read more

How to Get Rid of Mice in Your Home

Mice Extermination

If you are having problems with mice in your home, you may be interested in getting professional mice extermination services. These professionals will inspect your property and come up with a customized treatment plan. After the inspection, they will give you an estimate, based on the type and severity of your mice problem. Some companies, such as Orkin, provide general pest control services, while others specialize in targeted rodent control. You should discuss your needs and budget with your prospective exterminator and determine how many treatments you will need. read more

Hornet Extermination

Hornet Extermination

If you have a hornet infestation, the best way to get rid of them is to contact a professional specialized in removing hornet nests. An extermination technician will search for the hornet nest and develop a custom strategy to eliminate them. Using a trap, the technician can capture the hornets in a safe manner. In some cases, it is possible to trap them yourself. If you are not comfortable using a trap, you can always put out some food.

It is best to get professional help to remove hornet nests because they can be dangerous. You should not attempt to get rid of them on your own because you could hurt yourself or your property. The stings from hornets are extremely painful. Hornet exterminators know how to remove these pests safely and quickly. However, if you do decide to do it yourself, it’s important to take precautions first. read more

Pill Bug Extermination Tips

Pill Bug Extermination

There are several methods for pill bug extermination. If you are not comfortable with pesticides, you can use your vacuum cleaner to remove these insects. During the fall, the pill bugs will be seeking out warmer climates and will leave the affected area. The cost for pill bug extermination can range from $100 to $300. To eliminate these bugs, you need to know how to catch them and how to kill them. Listed below are some tips for pill bug extermination.

Avoid moist areas. Pill bugs like dark, damp areas, such as the basement or crawl space of a home. Avoid placing piles of leaves or grass clippings on the ground to minimize the amount of moisture that will attract them. Sealing cracks in the foundation and caulk around windows and doors will help prevent the bugs from thriving. You must also ensure that the basement is properly ventilated to prevent pill bug infestation. read more

Why Hire a Wildlife Exterminator?

Wild Life Exterminating

If you are suffering from a wildlife infestation, you need to find a professional company to handle the job for you. The process of wildlife control involves removing the animals that cause a nuisance to humans and their property. Common pests that require this service are bats, raccoons, squirrels, and chipmunks. However, it is best to leave this job to the experts, as attempting to remove the animals on your own can result in injuries and the spread of diseases.

While an exterminator will use the most dangerous methods, a wildlife control service uses more humane means of extermination. They will use traps and other methods to prevent future infestations. Since these methods may result in the removal of more wildlife, they are better suited for a specific type of problem. If you want to eliminate wildlife in your yard or attic, contact a wildlife control company today! These professionals have the expertise and experience to get the job done safely and effectively. read more

Before You Call a Small Ant Exterminator

Small Ant Exterminator

Before you call a Small Ant Exterminator, it is important to understand what is involved in getting rid of these tiny creatures. Although the problem seems small, ant infestations can be very extensive, requiring multiple treatments to completely eradicate them. However, these treatments are generally included in the price of the ant removal package. While this service may not seem like a priority, it is still essential for your property’s security.

A slow-acting ant pesticide is an effective and convenient option for eradicating ant colonies. These types of baits are available in stations for easy placement, which also means a mess-free approach. Another option is a gel formulation that is available in syringes and squeezable tubes. Pest-control companies can use these to spread small amounts of bait where ants trail. read more

Choosing a Mouse Exterminator

Mouse Exterminator

Before you start looking for a Mouse Exterminator, it’s important to know what you’re looking for. House mice are the most common type of mice that infest homes. These rodents can breed quickly and cause a serious infestation within weeks or months. House mice leave gnaw marks, burrows, droppings, and damaged goods. For best results, you should call a professional pest control service. These experts have the knowledge and equipment to handle these pests properly.

When choosing a mouse exterminator, be sure to ask if he uses chemicals. Live traps used by some exterminators are toxic, so make sure that you’re aware of any safety precautions and what kind of chemicals they use. If you have young children, you should avoid this method, as live traps may fall into their hands. Additionally, make sure that the company is safe for pets and children. A professional exterminator will take precautions to ensure that no one gets harmed, including the rodents. read more

Yellow Jacket Extermination

Yellow Jacket Extermination

If you suspect your yard has been overrun with Yellow Jackets, you may be wondering how to get rid of them. The good news is that they are actually a beneficial part of the ecosystem. The adults feed on other insects and are not a danger to humans. Unlike their male counterparts, however, yellow jackets will not leave their nests if left alone. In this article, we’ll discuss yellow jacket extermination and what you should do to get rid of these frightful insects.

The first step in removing yellow jackets is to seal up the holes they use to nest. If you fail to do this, the insects will simply return to their burrows. That means you’ll need to hire a professional to get rid of the yellow jackets. The cost of these services may vary from $500 to $1,500 depending on the level of damage. The repair costs will depend on the nature of the damage and how much work needs to be done to get rid of the insects. read more

Millipede Exterminating Services

Millipede Exterminating

Whether you’re in need of millipede exterminating services for your home or business, it’s important to get the job done correctly the first time. Millipedes can infest homes in Maryland, Delaware, and Pennsylvania. If you want to maintain your home’s pest-free status, contact Viking Pest. We offer exterior and interior pest control solutions to eliminate millipede infestations.

Before contacting a millipede exterminator, you should consider the appropriate type of pesticide for the situation. A general spray is not sufficient as it may bind to mulch. Instead, you should rake off any heavy accumulations of mulch and leaf litter around your home. If you choose to use aerosol, you should focus on good coverage near the ground and around entry points. Pro-Spray Flying and Crawling aerosols are excellent options for perimeter treatments. Pro-Spray Crawling is a good option for occasional spot treatments in and around entrance points. For longer-term residual control, you should consider using a pesticide with a broad spectrum of action. read more

Non-Toxic Options For Carpenter Bee Extermination

Whether it’s a wooden structure, a fence, or a shed, Carpenter Bees can be a huge problem. Luckily, there are many non-toxic options available for their removal. In many cases, using carpenter bee traps can be an effective method. Place the trap directly above the hole and the bees will immediately fall into the trap, believing it to be their nest. Then, you can use non-toxic liquids to repel them. These non-toxic liquids include water with citrus oil or almond oil. You can also play loud music to scare them away. read more