Bed Bugs – What to Look For

What to Look ForDo you think you might have bed bugs? What would you even look for if you suspected a possible infestation? Bed bugs are often compared to small cockroaches, but they really vary in size. The smallest ones are the hardest to spot since they’re so tiny that you may not be able to tell they’re bugs. Just like with people, the size of the bed bugs are usually determined with their age and how nourished they are too. Those that are older and better fed would generally be a darker red color and bigger in side.

Bed bugs are known to be good at hiding. Because of their smaller size, they really can hide anywhere. Keep your eyes open and check even the smallest cracks for these bugs. They don’t just come out at night either so be on the lookout for them during the day as well.

The bites themselves are hard to diagnose. Some doctors have trouble recognizing bites as the work of bed bugs. If you start to notice any small red bumps on your body- often similar to pimples- schedule an appointment with a doctor to get them checked out.

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