What Do Bed Bug Bites Look Like?

Bed bug bites can vary tremendously when it comes to appearance from one person to another. There are a number of variables that determine the look but it predominently boils down to how sensitive your skin is and how your body reacts to them. However the most common bed bug bites look very much like mosquito bites. Sometimes they are quite small and other times then swell larger. It’s extremely difficult to identify the difference between mosquito bites and bed bugs unless you have a severe reaction. That is why bed bug detection devices and traps are imperative to definitively determining if you indeed have bed bugs. I recommend using 1 of these 3 detection methods.

#1 – The 1st detection device are called bed bug interceptors that you place under each of your bed post. They look like little cups and are coated so bed bugs moving up and down your bed will become trapped and unable to escape the slippery sloped walls of the traps. The most popular and least expensive ones are called Climbups and you can get a set of 4 for less than $20. I’ve also heard people creating their own makeshift versions using plastic bottles and coating them with baby powder so the bugs cannot escape. I never tried it personally but I heard it’s effective when executed properly.

Bed Bug Bites Elbow#2 – The 2nd method of detection is by using bed bug traps that attract bed bugs using a chemical called pheromones. This pulls the bugs into the traps that contain a sticky pad and prevents the bugs from escaping. From my experience these work exceptionally well because they’re small and you can stuff them in between your mattress and box spring, next to your bed posts and many other places & the bugs go straight to it. I use these consistently even many years after my bed bug infestation to ensure a reinfestation never takes me by surprise. You can check out the BedBuggy pheromone traps here.

#3 – The 3rd method of detection is using a more sophisticated solution or trap that uses CO2 or carbon dioxide emission to emulate the breath of a human to attract the bugs. These are also highly effective at trapping and detecting bugs. These tend to get pricey so I never bit the bullet but the most reasonable priced one that gets great reviews is the Bed Bug Beacon.

Use one of the 3 methods to truly determine if you have bed bugs if you can’t simply inspect your mattress with a flashlight and magnifying glass and blatantly see the bugs.

Bed Bug Bites on BackAlso one very important point about bed bug bites is that some people are completely immune to the bites like I was. Initially my son and my wife were both getting bit like crazy and I never had any. Because of this it took us months to figure out the problem since it appeared to only be affecting them and not me. We tried changing laundry detergents, thought it may be allergy related, something they were eating, mold reactions, dust etc..

Meanwhile because I never appeared to have bites or itch I disregarded the possibility of bed bugs. So be aware that this can happen and soon as someone complains of itching inspect, inspect and inspect some more. The longer you wait to take action, the more severe the problem becomes. Female bed bugs can lay up to 400 eggs per day so a small problem can become a monster very quickly.

So see more pics of bites below and be wary of itchy bites that seem to be coming in bunches and consistent for days.bed bug symptoms

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